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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because our workshops have a proven track record of building better workplace inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion for All

While we specialize in concrete solutions to foster diversity in Tech, our workshops can be tailored to aid all types of corporate work environments.

Establishing an inclusivist anti-racism culture starts at the top.  Any efforts to eliminate racism in the workplace will fail if it is not endorsed by senior leadership.  This workshop will help corporate leadership to understand and embrace the need to foster anti-racism in their organizational structures.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker.  Startups can benefit from this workshop by understanding and embracing the notion of anti-racism in their organizations at the very beginning.  As we can see, in American society it is very difficult to eradicate the systemic racism that has been standing for centuries.  This workshop will help to ensure that tech founders work to create an inclusive and anti-racism culture within their corporate structure at the very outset.

Venture Capitalist firms can benefit from this training as it will foster an understanding of what minority tech founders face as they operate from a position of disadvantage due to systemic racism.   This workshop will leaders of VC firms to empathize with the plight of the minority tech founder and perhaps help them to embrace the notion of funding a startup which without such empathy and understanding they would previously overlook.

This workshop will help folks who are involved in hiring, recruiting, and human resources to recognize and understand the obstacles that people of color face in the tech field.  This workshop can also help them to understand how they can modify their practices and processes to ensure that they are not biased.  The learnings of the workshop will help. organizations in their goals for diversity recruitment.

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Pepperdine University
Valencia Community College
American Airlines
Heald College
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Kaplan University
Marathon Oil

Meet Dr. kai Dupe

Here’s how my diversity & inclusion workshops are based in 30+ years of expert study and effective practical execution.

Workshop Takeaways & Learning Opportunities

Create a Culture of Inclusivity

Gain an understanding of racist structures and practices within your organization Conversations around race


Create a more empathetic and dynamic workforce. Generate new ideas and solutions.

Raise Cultural Awareness

Employees will learn how to recognize and respond to their hidden biases based on stereotypes and unfair assumptions. How to decrease micro aggressions. Understand cultural bias.

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Workshop Attendee Feedback

Dr. Dupe's real world experience doing hands-on tech work was invaluable and added a lot of credibility to the discussion and allowed him to provide real-life examples from the trenches. I really appreciated that.

Kai's great presentation style, coupled with an easy going demeanor and fun attitude, made the workshop a pleasure.

I was sort of dreading sitting in a classroom all day, looking at slides, but I'm happy to say that it was actually a very fun productive day. I learned a lot, made good contacts and had fun doing it.

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Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Produce More Revenue
Reduce Employee Churn
Boost Company Morale
Suprass the Competition

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